Teamleader’s Agency Benchmark 2024

In 2023, Teamleader launched its Agency Benchmark: the first comparative research on how European agencies run their business. We surveyed 400+ European agencies & analysed 4000 agency customers’ anonymised data, focusing on their daily operations.
In 2024, we’re doing it bigger and better.

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How well are European agencies doing?

“Agencies like talking about what they’re doing to steer the ship. But they’re also looking for more security: How well are we doing? How do we match up? Meanwhile, we were sitting on all this data. We thought: Perhaps we should be the ones to help answer these questions? So we went to work.”

Peter Van Wijnaerde, Director of Brand Strategy, Teamleader


Our 2024 report will be bigger & better. So we need you.

Help us expand on Europe’s first comparative agency research, and fill in our survey. It only takes 15 minutes, for insights that will make the whole sector smarter. That includes you.

The survey runs until 15/04. When we’re done with the data, you’ll be the first to receive the results and be invited to our exclusive launch event.

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The most important findings from 2023’s report:

  • Only ⅓ of agencies know the true cost of sales… But they sure do pitch a lot. In the age of fee-cutting and declining client loyalty, this becomes a problem.
  • 71% of revenue comes from existing customers. Are European agencies putting too many eggs in the same basket? What about new client growth?
  • From 10 FTEs onwards, all agencies are filling in timesheets. Yet, only ⅓ of agencies does something with their data, like adjusting prices or standardizing projects.
  • With increased agency size, Revenue per FTE increases… 
to a point. At around 50 FTEs, agencies reach the Golden Ceiling where Revenue per FTE falls sharply. Hello, new business models?

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