Teamleader’s Agency Benchmark 2024

In 2023, Teamleader launched its Agency Benchmark: the first comparative research on how European agencies run their business. We surveyed 400+ European agencies & analysed 4000 agency customers’ anonymised data, focusing on their daily operations.

In 2024, we’re back with a new survey and new insights.

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How well are European agencies doing?

“Agencies like talking about what they’re doing to steer the ship. But they’re also looking for more security: How well are we doing? How do we match up? Meanwhile, we were sitting on all this data. We thought: Perhaps we should be the ones to help answer these questions? So we went to work.”

Peter Van Wijnaerde, Director of Brand Strategy, Teamleader


There’s still time to take the 2024 survey!

We’ve compiled our first 2024 insights, which you can read in the Agency Life magazine.

But more respondents means more accurate numbers. So fill in our survey, and help us enrich the data. It only takes 15 minutes, for insights that make the whole industry smarter. That includes you.

Are you tingling with excitement? Then get cracking.

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AL Benchmark 2024

A sneak peek from 2024’s report:

  • More capacity planning correlates with more billability: agencies that plan capacity near maximally (+80%) have an average billability of 68%. That’s 7% higher than those who plan for less than 50% capacity.
  • Do smaller agencies have it harder? When asked ‘How well is your agency doing?’, only 22% of agencies with fewer than 10 FTEs give themselves a score of 8 or better. Among agencies with more than 20 FTEs, the number is 44%.
  • KPIs help agencies cope with challenging times. Since 2023, agencies have sharpened their focus on numbers and KPIs to drive their business. The percentage of agencies putting KPIs on their success increased to 81%, from 46% last year.
  • How much for a new customer? Not everyone knows. No less than 29% of surveyed agencies doesn’t know the cost to acquire a new customer.
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